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Our Preparation For You

This includes identifying special features, recommending changes or repairs, and other preparatory tasks such as staging. As an experienced agent I will let you know when and what to recommend.

Importance of Price

Setting the price with regard to the home condition and the market conditions is critical.  As an experienced agent I will know what price your home should be listed at to maximize buyers and get the highest value for the home.  


Often there are many homes to choose from and I will ensure your home stands out from the masses by investing our own money in the sale of your home. I will accomplish this with, but not limited to, extensive social media, my large buyer pool,  professional photos, my self-guided tours, open houses (as needed), and aerial photographs.

Professional Photography / Aerial Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I will only settle for the absolute best shots of your home for my listings. I employ professional real estate photographers with years of experience to capture the beauty of your home to share with the world.

Our Self Guided Tours

In today’s competitive housing marketplace, professional photos are often not enough to make your home stand out from the rest.  Static photos only tell part of the story of your home, from the perspective of the photographer.  Potential buyers need to experience your home and be able to “see” themselves in it.

As an experienced NorthEastern, WI Realtor, I'll guide you through the ins and outs of any and all real estate transactions. Whether it's a move around the corner or across the state-- I can help!

Gerry Lambie


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